Leadership Style

Zhang Jianguo

Founder and Chairman of Baojing Biology
Zhang Jianguo, the founder of Baojing Company, worked in Zhejiang University and was the inventor of biotechnological production of L(+) - tartaric acid. Since 1986, Mr. Zhang Jianguo has been engaged in the preparation of L(+)-tartaric acid by biotransformation. In 1991, he first applied this technology to industry. In 1998, the technology of producing L(+)-tartaric acid by immobilized microbial cells developed by him was successful in industry, which made L(+)-tartaric acid made in China enter the international market. His R&D team has published many papers and obtained many authorized invention patents. In 2008 and 2009, the "Biological Reaction and Separation Coupling Technology" which he chaired won the first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology and the first prize of Science and Technology of Ministry of Education. His leading research has earned him the title of "Mr. Tartaric Acid of China". Under his leadership, Baojing Biology is moving towards an international excellent enterprise driven by scientific and technological innovation. "Creation comes from the practice of wisdom and is also the value of human beings."

Yu Xiao Ping

Deputy General Manager (in charge of production)

Zhang Sheng

Deputy General Manager (in charge of procurement and logistics)

Sun Wei Rong

Assistant General Manager and Chief of Office

Chemical engineers and senior technicians of chemical technology. In 2004, we joined Baojing Biology, from grass-roots management to deputy general manager in charge of production and technology. Every step has gone steadily and steadily. Baojing's leadership and efforts are indispensable for every technological transformation and product quality improvement. Solid professional knowledge and rich management experience earned him the title of "Tangqi Craftsman".
"The perfection of craftsmanship comes from the endless pursuit; we create every day, and we are moved by our creation."
Since the establishment of the company, Zhang Sheng has been accompanying the growth of the company. Long-term engaged in financial, procurement, warehousing, logistics, environmental protection management, with rich management experience and combat capacity. Has been responsible for enterprise information transformation, ERP development and implementation, environmental protection project transformation, automatic three-dimensional warehouse and sewage automation transformation projects. It has rich practical experience and unique understanding in enterprise informatization, automation and environmental protection governance. He also served as Vice President of the Association of Professional Managers in Yuhang District of Hangzhou City, the first batch of appraisal experts of industrialization and informatization projects in Yuhang District of Hangzhou City, and NLP certified coaches.
"Goals determine action, behaviour shows attitudes, mutual trust improves efficiency, unity has strength, and it is a responsibility. Always strive every day around organizational goals.
Undergraduate, engineer, technician. Since 1985, successive technicians, workshop directors, assistants to factory directors, deputy factory directors and assistants to general managers have participated in more than ten major national and provincial R&D projects, such as the National Key New Products, Torch Plan and 863. They have won the honors of first-class prizes for excellent new products and new technologies in the city and excellent Communist Party members at the grass-roots level.
"Professional people do professional things, knowledge learning and experience sublimation make you become professional people."