Team Elegant Demeanor

This is a young and energetic team.
This is a team full of wisdom and creativity.
This is a positive development.、A dedicated and dedicated team
Here is youth,Dream,Value and Realization
There is unity, mutual assistance, love and harmony.
There are fairness, competition, struggle and transcendence.
We are hardworking and beautiful Baojing people.
We have worked hard for the development of Baojing in all positions.
Because my treasure is more beautiful

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Salary And Welfare

Baojing has more than 260 employees, more than 70% of whom are college graduates. Adhering to the concept of "fair, caring and motivating" talents, Baojing provides reasonable salary and welfare benefits for employees, and establishes an orderly, fair and harmonious enterprise atmosphere of competition, unity and harmony.

  • Holiday subsidy
  • Working meal
  • High temperature fee
  • Five risks and one gold
  • Training opportunities
  • Labour protection appliance
  • Physical examination
  • Family care
  • Summer drinks
  • Major Festival Fees
  • Special Award for Scientific and Technological Innovation
  • Award for environmental protection and conservation
  • Staff travel
  • Medical aid
  • Birth allowance
  • Subsidy to those in financial difficulties



Baojing regards "talent" as the first productive force. We look forward to joining the Baojing family with excellent character, talent, responsibility and responsibility. Recruitment Line: +86-571-57891817
PositionNumbersLocationMonthly payDetails

Quality Management QA1Hangzhou3500-4050 yuan/monthCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. Bachelor degree, major in bioengineering, food science, chemical engineering, etc.

2. Bachelor degree, major in bioengineering, food science, chemical engineering, etc.

3. Mainly responsible for assisting the implementation of quality management system, pest control management, customer complaint management, internal corrective and preventive measures, standardization and other work; responsible for the company's raw materials and products inspection, supplier management, etc.

E&I Engineer1HangzhouFace to faceCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1, 35-50 years old, college or above, major in electrical automation or mechatronics, etc.

2. Familiar with Qiangdian, PLC (Siemens-300), DCS system, rich experience in electrical equipment management, instrument equipment management, 5-10 years of relevant work experience;

3. To be able to make CAD drawings, hold electrician's license or access permit;

4. Responsible for the maintenance and management of electrical equipment, with rich experience and ability to deal with abnormal situations, familiar with electrical and various instruments (such as flow, temperature, pressure, liquid level, etc.), can judge the common causes of failure, ensure the safe, stable and accurate operation of electrical equipment to meet production needs;

5. Be responsible for the management of new electrical equipment and accessories, including the selection, modification, installation, commissioning and coordination of related work.

6. Be responsible for the preparation, planning and management of new products, electrical equipment, production lines and other technological renovations needed for the renovation of old products.

Electrical Instrument Technician2HangzhouFace to faceCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. 25-35 years old, secondary or tertiary education, major in electrical engineering and automation, mechatronics, etc.

2. Familiar with strong power and automatic control system (PLC, DCS), can judge and eliminate abnormal faults of common instruments (such as flow, temperature, pressure, liquid level, etc.) to ensure the safe, stable and accurate operation of automation equipment;

3. More than 3 years related working experience;

4. Hold an electrician's license or access permit.

General Manager Secretary1HangzhouFace to faceCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. Female, 25-35 years old, college or above, major in secretarial, food science, chemical engineering, etc.

2. CET-4 or above, good spoken English, familiar with office automation, more than two years of relevant work experience;

3. Good image temperament, calm and careful work, strong understanding and adaptability, good interpersonal skills;

4. Mainly responsible for receiving visits from general managers, assisting general managers in daily administrative affairs management, etc.

5. Married children are preferred.

Domestic salesSomeHangzhouBase salary plus commissionCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. Male, 25-40 years old, junior college or above, major in bioengineering, food science, chemical engineering, 3 years of relevant industry experience;

2. Good communication skills, anti-pressure ability and sales skills;

3. Be responsible for finding customers or sales promotion of known customers, and be suitable for visiting factories on business trips.

4. Responsible for the promotion and sale of online information.

JockeySomeHangzhou4250 yuan/month (in single rest, 8 hours)Check

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. Male, 25-45 years old, junior high school or high school education, good health;

2. Strong acceptance, initiative, hard working, adaptable to shift work (12-hour system, do two rest and one rest). Experience in food and chemical industry is preferred.

Warehouse managementSomeHangzhou4250 yuan / monthCheck

Requirements & Responsibilities:

1. Male, senior high school or above, familiar with computer operation, warehouse management experience;

2. Forklift trucks are preferred.